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Pool Safety Net specialize in child swimming pool safety and drowning prevention.  Our pool nets have been used world-wide for over 30 years.
Children use initiative to get to where they want to go and most kids can break into a pool enclosure in less than 30 seconds!  It simply is not possible to supervise children every moment of the day!
Use a pool fence to save a fine...
  ...Use a net to save your child's life!
Danger Lurks!
Pool Safety Net does not detract from the look of your pool.
The Pool Safety Net does not detract from the look of your pool and does not interfere with automatic cleaners.  It can be fitted to above-ground and in-ground pools or even in conjunction with a solar blanket or leaf cover.
Blends pleasantly with your surroundings
The Net Fits neatly to above ground pools. ladders and other obstructions.
The Pool Safety Net is extremely light weight and can be fitted or removed in less than 5 minutes.  The net is conveniently stored, tangle free, on it's own roller when not in use.  A simple pulley operated tensioning system is used to tighten the net after fitting.
Tensioning System
Pool Safety Net can operate in conjunction with a solar blanket.
... a leaf cover
... or even on an empty pool
Easy Ratchet Tensioning System (ERTS)
Pool Safety Net is proud to announce the inclusion of the Easy Ratchet Tensioning System (ERTS) with every net sold.  Once tensioned, the ERTS is removed  to ensure the net is secure for the children it is there to protect.
The ERTS system simplifies tensioning the net.

Massive tension is achieved on the net in the final tightening phase without the need for pulling and tugging or exceptional physical strength.
Keeps Children Out Of Danger - The unique mesh size has a dual action: small enough to prevent a toddler's head from penetrating the net while simultaneously large enough to discourage movement.
Keeps Children off the Pool - Our 10cm mesh size inhibits movement preventing small children from climbing out onto the net and into danger. Most children will find the Pool Safety Net uncomfortable and abrasive to move on, which will deter any further crawling on the safety net.
No Exposed Area of Water - The Pool Safety Net cannot be removed by most children under 12 years of age. If properly positioned, anchored and tensioned the net should not have any perimeter gaps for a child to crawl underneath.
Total Visibility - Being able to actually have top to bottom visibility of your pool gives you additional peace of mind.
Will Not Shrink - The Pool Safety Net is treated with laboratory developed maximum UV inhibitors so the netting will not shrink or deteriorate even when subjected to harsh climatic conditions.
Convenient - You do not need to remove your pool protection to chlorinate or chemically treat your pool.
Easy On and Off - Pool Safety Net is supplied with a mini roller to assist with easy wind up removal. Generally takes 3 - 5 minutes to remove or replace the net.
Aesthetically Pleasing - Pool Safety Net is available in Ocean Blue or Matt Black.

Pool Safety Net is a premium product for Child Pool Safety.  This product has been marketed worldwide for over 30 years. 
There has never been  a reported drowning or near-drowning incident with a correctly installed Pool Safety Net.
Features of the Pool Safety Net...
1/  Your pool net does not replace adult supervision. It is designed to act as a last line of defence. The net is an additional safety feature for your pool.
2/  Children should never be left unattended.
3/  Pool Protection can only be effective if used.
4/  Regular routine inspection will be carried out by the Purchaser to ensure that the net is in good condition, sufficiently tensioned to carry the weight of a child and properly secured at all anchor points. If the net is defective for any reason it should be removed from the pool until repairs have been completed.
5/  Your pool safety net is not a toy. Do not allow children or adults to jump or play on the net, this will cause rubbing or chaffing of the net.
6/  Do not allow animals to chew on the net. Your net is not warranted against destruction by animals. Keep the net away from sources of heat such as barbecues as it can melt.
7/  Do not use your pool with the net partially opened. This creates a dangerous situation and should be avoided at all times. Your pool is not properly secured until the net is in place and properly tensioned.
8/  The net will be more effective the greater the distance between the water and the net. It is recommended that this distance be at least 175mm below the upper edge of the pool surround (coping) or to pool manufacturer’s specifications.
9/  The coping and pool surround should be maintained in a good condition.  Although the installer will take all reasonable precautions to prevent any damage on site, the Supplier cannot be held responsible for damage caused to plants or property whilst carrying out installation of the Pool Safety Net.  The purchaser accepts responsibility for repairing latent defects which could be discovered in the pool coping which may adversely affect the installation.
10/  The purchaser indemnifies "Pool Safety Net", it's directors and agents for any claims or recriminations in the event of any accident associated with the direct or indirect use of the Pool Safety Net.  It is further acknowledged that although the Pool Safety Net is installed with the intention of aiding in child safety, no safety guarantees are given by the supplier and the purchaser acceps full responsibility for the use of the product. 
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Easy Ratchet Tensioning System
Pool Safety Nets have been installed in hundreds of thousands of pools world-wide with 100% success rate.  We are proud to announce there has NEVER been a reported drowning in a swimming pool that has been fitted with a properly installed net.
Many parents do not rely on gates, pool fences and pool alarms to protect their children from drowning.  They choose to have the ultimate control over access to the pool, spa or any aquatic feature.  The Pool Safety Net is custom fitted to your swimming pool and can be shaped as required to fit around rocks, waterfalls and other obstructions.